Health Advice and Self-Care

e-Consult Online Service

Try our new online service if you need:

  • Self-help information about a wide range of conditions or
  • Advice from one of our doctors.
  • You can also make administrative requests.

eConsult is available to all patients who are registered at the practice.

Click the eConsult link to start using the service.

Links to Advice about Common Conditions

Pneumococcal Disease - What is it?, Treatments, Who does it affect?, Immunisation programme

Shingles - What is it?,Symptoms, Treatments, Immunisation

Ear Care - how to treat ear wax.


Vaginal Swab Tests

Guidance for taking your own swabs

It is possible for you to take swabs at home.

Following discussion with your doctor you may be given one or two swabs with associated labels, forms and bags.

We have created instructions and photographs on this website to show you what to do. Follow the links for the type of swab you have been given.

It is a good idea to read and familiarise yourself with the instructions before starting.

Advice and support for other conditions