Covid 19 telephone number 119

If you have symptoms or suspect you may have Covid 19, or if you wish to arrange a test, there is a new NHS number to ring - 119.

Please use this number (not 111) for Covid 19 related concerns.

New PPE and Support from our Patients - Thank you, Everyone!

Selsey Medical Practice has been overwhelmed by the kindness and support we have been shown by our patients and community during these challenging times.

We are having to work in a very different way at the moment, which is challenging for everyone, but your messages of support and the wonderfully colourful pictures and cards from local children have helped to keep morale up in the practice.

We have received delicious food packages from local businesses and some beautifully made scrubs which have been sewn for our GP’s to wear. We also have 30 vital PPE face shields, cleverly made on someone’s 3D printer, for which we are extremely grateful for as we had none.

Shielding letter FAQs - for People at the highest risk from Covid-19

Many patients have recently received a letter from the NHS because they have been identified as being at the highest risk from Covid - 19 or they care for someone who is. If you have any questions about this letter (or why you have or have not received one etc.), you may find this document from the NHS helpful. Click the link to download it.

Shielding letter FAQs.pdf

Managing Coronavirus at home

Do you have symptoms? Are you self-Isolating because you are unwell? Click the link to download our guide to managing Covid-19 at home.

Managing Covid-19 at Home.pdf