Self-Referral Services and Self-Care Advice

Snotty Kids

You may have seen in the news that we are seeing an abnormally high number of children with viral infections this winter.

In normal pre-COVID times children would encounter many different infections during their first couple of years and would generally have a run of snotty noses and temperatures for the first winter or two.  Because of the social distancing measures put in place to control COVID this has not happened and so the children who would normally have had these infections have a bit of catching up to do.

To find out more please download our Information Letter.

You can also download this excellent guide called ‘When Should I Worry’ which has clear advice about what is reasonable to manage at home and what needs further medical attention.

Self-Referral Services and Self-Care advice

This part of our website provides you with lots of information and advice for common conditions. There are many services which you can self-refer to without needing to consult your doctor or nurse. There are also links to self-help information which you can use to treat or manage your condition at home.

Our doctors and nurses have collected these resources and encourage patients to use them. We hope our patients will learn more about their conditions and how to manage them and, where it is possible, to access other services and resources without needing to make an appointment at the surgery.

Some other Common Conditions

Pneumococcal Disease - What is it?, Treatments, Who does it affect?, Immunisation programme

Shingles - What is it?,Symptoms, Treatments, Immunisation

Ear Care - how to treat ear wax.


Vaginal Swab Tests

Guidance for taking your own swabs

It is possible for you to take swabs at home.

Following discussion with your doctor you may be given one or two swabs with associated labels, forms and bags.

We have created instructions and photographs on this website to show you what to do. Follow the links for the type of swab you have been given.

It is a good idea to read and familiarise yourself with the instructions before starting.