Self-Referral Services and Self-Care Advice

Self-Referral Services and Self-Care advice

This part of our website provides you with lots of information and advice for common conditions. There are many services which you can self-refer to without needing to consult your doctor or nurse. There are also links to self-help information which you can use to treat or manage your condition at home.

Our doctors and nurses have collected these resources and encourage patients to use them. We hope our patients will learn more about their conditions and how to manage them and, where it is possible, to access other services and resources without needing to make an appointment at the surgery.

online consultation

Online Consultation Service

You can contact us about a medical or administrative issue by clicking here.

We have replaced the ‘e-Consult’ online consultation system with what we think is an easier system for you to use. The new system uses simple online forms and is a quick and easy way for you to contact us.

Using a smart phone, tablet, or computer, you will need to complete a short form and enter a few personal details, but you won’t have to answer lots of questions. Your request will be reviewed within 2 working days.

You can use the online consultation system weekdays from 06:00 - 15:00.

(If there is a very high demand, we may adjust these timings).

Please note that online consultations should not be made for minor injuries; for these, you should contact Minor Injuries Unit (MIU) at Bognor War Memorial Hospital.


Survivors’ Network

Survivors’ Network support survivors of sexual violence and abuse in Sussex. They understand that a healing journey starts with a small step and are here to help you.

Survivors’ Network have been providing Independent Sexual Violence Advisor (ISVA) support to adult survivors of sexual violence across West Sussex for just over a year, expanding on and working in partnership with the existing support for survivors in West Sussex provided by Worth Services, and the therapeutic support provided by Lifecentre.

ISVAs provide practical and emotional support and information to survivors of sexual violence who have reported their experiences to the police or are thinking about doing so. Survivors’ Network also have a specialist Multiple and Complex Needs ISVA who can provide advocacy support on a range of issues to survivors of sexual violence facing additional barriers to accessing support.

More information about the services offered can be found here:

Survivors can self-referral themselves for support here:

Their excellent website provides lots of information for survivors and those who are supporting them.

Some other Common Conditions

Pneumococcal Disease - What is it?, Treatments, Who does it affect?, Immunisation programme

Shingles - What is it?,Symptoms, Treatments, Immunisation

Ear Care - how to treat ear wax.


Vaginal Swab Tests

Guidance for taking your own swabs

It is possible for you to take swabs at home.

Following discussion with your doctor you may be given one or two swabs with associated labels, forms and bags.

We have created instructions and photographs on this website to show you what to do. Follow the links for the type of swab you have been given.

It is a good idea to read and familiarise yourself with the instructions before starting.