Patient Group

The Aims of the Patient Group

Welcome to the Selsey Patient Group.

The Group was established in 2014 in response to a Government initiative to give patients more say in the development and running of local health services. Since then we've been working in partnership with Selsey Medical Practice to ensure that the views of the community are always listened to.

One of the many things we do is to organise an annual survey and through this we engage the community to help us understand what is good about the Practice, what is seen as needing improvement, and what new services or facilities would ideally benefit the town. We then work with the Practice to give careful consideration to the survey outcomes and what actions might follow.

I am thankful to everyone at Selsey Medical Practice for making our job that little bit easier by taking a positive view of our Patient Group and what we do, and thereby enabling the community voice to be heard.

Group membership is strong, and our people all want to play their part in helping the Practice thrive and develop in ever-changing times. We are a welcoming and friendly team, and you'll find more information about us below, and also on our Facebook page. Why not join us?

Bob Arnold, Chair, Selsey Patient Group

Benefits to the Practice

A view from the Practice

Selsey Medical Practice really value the work done by our Patient Group and work closely with the members to ensure that the service and care we provide meets the needs of our community.

The feedback they provide from surveys and their regular meetings informs our planning and decision making. We often seek their advice and guidance when developing our health care provision.

As well as being patients who use the service, the Patient Group comprises members who are experienced in a wide range of other fields and as such, they are able to advise us on a broad range of issues.

Selsey Medical Practice believes that membership of the Patient Group provides considerable opportunities for patients to offer their suggestions and support across a whole range of matters and we encourage individuals to contribute towards both the present and future development of the Practice.

Joining the Patient Group

If you are interested in joining the Patient Group, please contact Selsey Medical Practice either in person, by telephone, email or via the website. You can also contact the Patient Group or find out more via their Facebook page.

Patient Group Activities

Patient Group in Action

Patient completing survey

The main functions of the Patient Group

  • Listening to the views of the community
  • Representing those views to the Medical Practice in a coordinated way
  • Assisting the Practice in decision making
  • Conducting annual Patient Surveys
  • Identifying opportunities for improvement
  • Communicating with Patients
  • Organising Public Health Presentations

Patient Group Meeting

The group meets regularly - via Zoom or Teams during Lockdown.

Patient Survey (2021)

Key Facts About The Survey

The results of the Selsey Patient Group's annual survey of satisfaction with the Practice have been collated and, as anticipated resulting from the on-going pandemic, they demonstrate a downturn in the community's general satisfaction with the service as a whole, whilst showing a continued satisfaction and respect for the specific services provided by the clinical staff.

The survey identified that the key matters of concern to the community this year were difficulties getting through to the surgery on the phone, and the necessary reduction in face-to-face appointments during the pandemic. The matter of reception staff undertaking triage assessments over the phone was also a concern for some patients.

The survey was conducted throughout the month of June 2021 with 272 patients contributing their views. If you kindly filled in one of our forms in the surgery or on-line during that time, may I take this opportunity to thank you for giving us your considered thoughts about the Practice.

Delving A Little Deeper

As well as collecting our data in order to judge the levels of local community satisfaction, we've also taken the opportunity to compare our results with broadly comparable ones achieved by IPSOS Mori in their national assessment. In many respects we've found this comparison to be encouraging although, in one or two instances, there is clearly work to be done to understand why results have not met expectations.

  • 95% of respondents reacted positively to say that practitioners listen to them (nationally 89%)
  • a similar percentage felt positive that patients are involved in decisions about their care (nationally 93%)

Both of these results were very marginally down on our last survey two years ago but still exceed national results

  • reception staff were considered to be helpful by 89% of respondents (89% nationally)

This outcome was lower than anticipated from previous years here in Selsey but, nevertheless, matched the national result which reflects the difficulties experienced by both patients and  surgery admin staff as a direct result of Covid pandemic restrictions.

Opportunities for Improvement

There were several areas where you’ve indicated that the Practice didn’t meet your expectations. The survey showed with some clarity that 21% of patients are particularly concerned about non-urgent appointments often not being readily available, and that continuity of care (i.e., seeing the same practitioner on each occasion) is important to many people but is very often not achieved.

Since the Survey the Patient Group has worked closely with the Practice to find ways of making improvements in these two key areas. We're pleased to say that we've made some considerable progress in increasing the number of available appointments by substantially reducing the number of Missed Appointments. Although these still remain far too high the trend is downward, and we will continue to seek ways to reduce these further.

As regards the issue of continuity of care, the reality is that this is not easily achievable given that a number of practitioners work part-time, and all practitioners are entitled to holidays.

Selsey Patient Group will continue to conduct our surveys annually and thereby ensure that, wherever possible, issues that may arise from time to time are dealt with quickly, and that the community continues to receive the best possible service from the Practice.

Patient Group Committee Members

  • Bob Arnold - Chair
  • Barbara Shepherd - Secretary
  • Lilian Livingstone
  • Gwyn Cope
  • Dexter Williams
  • Mike Nicholls
  • Nathan Rose
  • Liz Farrell
  • Trevor Pomeroy
  • Sarah Rose - Practice Staff (Patient Services Manager)
  • Dr Rachel Jameson - Practice Staff (GP Partner)
  • Nicola Collins - Practice Staff (Practice Manager)

Patient Group Terms of Reference

Please click here to read our terms of reference