Friends of Selsey Medical Centre

We are extremely fortunate to have the valuable support of such a dedicated group of volunteers as the Friends who, through their devoted efforts have equipped and furnished our purpose-built Medical Centre which opened in January 2001.

The objectives of the Friends is to raise funds to provide increased and improved facilities and amenities, over and above that which is provided by the NHS, for the benefit of all patients in Selsey and the wider community, who use the Selsey Medical Centre.

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Achievements To Date

Initially the Friends provided the finance to furnish the new medical centre with all the basic equipment. Since then they have provided a wide range of specialised equipment and facilities ranging from ECG machines, 24-hour BP monitors, a retinal camera, automatic doors, examination couches, provided the finance to turn office space into a consulting room and provided a vast range of medical equipment, (too numerous to list), as requested by the medical staff. If you would like an application to join the Friends, please request a form from our reception desk.