Joints and Muscle Problems - Self Help

Helpful links to information, advice and exercises

Dr Joanna Morton has compiled this great resource for anyone suffering with common musculoskeletal problems. These are problems involving pain and/or mobility with your bones, joints and muscles. They do not just affect the elderly and they can lead to other problems; physical and mental, if they persist. 

There is a good, local NHS physiotherapy service to which you can self-refer (link lower down this page), but by reading the information here, and perhaps trying some of the exercises, you might be able to help your own recovery before making an appointment or whilst waiting to attend one.

Some of the links take you to other websites and some open leaflets or exercise sheets which you can download and print.

We are very grateful to Physio-logical, which is a private physiotherapy, back pain and sports injury clinic in Havant; they have kindly shared their exercise sheets and you can download these by clicking the links below.


Osteoporosis exercises leaflet

Osteoporosis is a health condition that weakens bones, making them fragile and more likely to break. It develops slowly over several years and is often only diagnosed when a fall or sudden impact causes a bone to break (fracture). The treatment for osteoporosis is based on treating and preventing broken bones, and taking medicine to strengthen your bones. There is lots of information about osteoporosis on the NHS website.

Click this link to download an exercise sheet from Physio-Logical, to help you to strenghten muscles and bones.

Further MSK Resources

All of the resources above are chosen and recommended by our own clinical team. If you would like some alternative information to add to our list, MSKR have a great set of resources on their website here.