Medication Review

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Medication Review

This page explains what a medication review is and how to organise yours when it is due.

Do you need a Medication Review?

All patients on repeat prescriptions need to have their medication reviewed every year.

The purpose of the review is to check that you are still taking the most appropriate medication for your condition and that your condition is being effectively controlled. It is also a good opportunity to adjust your prescription if required, removing unnecessary items or making changes if you aren't getting on well with the current medicine.

You can find out when you are due for a review by checking the printed prescription sheet that is attached to your medication when you collect it from the pharmacist.

If you are very overdue for your medication review we will send you a letter asking you to contact us to arrange one, but we hope that you will take responsibility for keeping up to date.

If you are due for a review you should follow the procedure outlined below.

We are gradually trying to align reviews so they happen during the month of your birthday so this should be easier to remember.

How to book your Medication Review

You need to contact the surgery if you notice that your review is due or if you recieve a reminder from our Medicines Management Team or your Pharmacy.

Call reception on 01243 608201 to arrange a review but please make sure you also send us your Medication Review Questionnaire (see below).

Before you attend your Medication Review


Organise your Blood Tests If Required

The Surgery will telephone you to book a routine blood test if one is required.  The results from this will form part of your review. 

Your medication review appointment can be booked at the same time as booking your test but please make sure that this is at least four days after the test, so the results are available to the doctor. 

Using the information from the completed questionnaire and any blood test results the doctor may feel it is safe to do the medication review without you. You can tick the relevant box on the Medication Review Questionnaire to indicate that you are happy with this, and you may therefore not need to book an appontment at this time.

It is very important to have regular reviews

Please note that without regular monitoring we are unable to continue to prescribe your medication.