Weight Management Advice

Practical advice to help you to lose weight

Our Top Tips to help you lose weight

We have produced our own guide to help you if you are struggling to lose weight.

You can read the tips below but you can also download our Weight Loss Tips A4 poster by clicking on the link.

Print it off and stick it on the wall where you will see it regularly.

There are 10 tips and we know it isn't always easy to keep to them, but our tips are realistic and achievable and if you manage to follow the guidance it will make a real difference. We know because we have tried them ourselves!

Good luck!

Our Ten Tips

  1. Try to reduce or avoid sugar-containing foods or drinks like cakes, biscuits, sweets, puddings, fruit juice and sweet fizzy drinks. If you don’t buy them or have them in the house, you can’t be tempted when you have a weak moment.
  2. Eat 2-3 sensible meals per day. Portion size should be the same size as your cupped hands.
  3. Try to plan small, healthy meals and cook from basic ingredients including some colourful vegetables if you can. Try to avoid ready meals that can be eaten cold or just heated up - they contain all sorts of fats, sugars and salt. Try to feel outraged by the food companies who are manipulating your taste buds to make you want to overeat these tasty food types.
  4. Try not to eat between meals and don’t eat after supper. This is a form of ‘Micro-fasting’ and  is usually manageable as most of the fast happens while you are asleep. It does mean avoiding calories in food or drinks after supper/before bed. You can drink still or fizzy water or black tea or coffee without sugar. If you want to hit this harder, try fasting for 16 out of 24 hours for 3-5 days a week - eat two meals between 1pm and 9pm but no food after supper, overnight and nothing before lunch. This form of dieting means you can join in with social evening meals. If you take medication for diabetes you should seek further medical advice before fasting.
  5. If you get hungry between meals try drinking a large glass of water and distract yourself with an interesting activity.
  6. Try to avoid alcohol in the week. Alcohol has lots of calories. 1 pint of beer is like eating a large slice of pizza, 1 pint of cider is like a doughnut and a large glass of wine is like 3-4 biscuits. Alcohol also can make you lose your resolve not to snack.  If you want to drink alcohol at the weekend try to moderate your intake by alternating your tipple with a glass of still or fizzy water.
  7. Avoid eating in front of the TV, there is evidence that we eat more when we are not paying attention and we’re probably not even registering it or enjoying the food.
  8. Don’t count calories if you find this boring or depressing, especially if it makes you think about food all the time. If you follow all the other tips you can lose weight without counting calories.
  9. If you can exercise, chose an activity that you enjoy, that is convenient and fits in with your day and if possible find someone to do it with you. Commit to a regular arrangement so that you keep each other motivated when thoughts like ‘I can’t be bothered’ creep in. Walking as fast as YOU can even for 15 minutes is a great start. Don’t forget dancing may be a fun option. If you can’t exercise you can still lose weight following the other tips.
  10. Weigh yourself once a week on Friday or Saturday morning before the more relaxed approach at the weekend begins. Put your scales into kilograms mode, this can reduce the emotion you might have about stones and pounds. Don’t sneak a peak on other days as daily fluctuations up may demotivate you. Make yourself a paper chart and plot your weekly weight.

Give yourself a pat on the back if you are winning. If your weight goes up try to look at the long-term, reset your resolve and try harder to stick to the tips the following week. Good luck!

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