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Face Coverings Still Required.

The government has announced COVID restrictions in England will end from Thursday 27th January. However, national Infection Prevention Control Guidelines will remain in place for ALL staff and visitors in healthcare settings.

This means that everyone accessing or visiting healthcare settings MUST continue to wear a face covering unless exempt a.

This applies to Selsey Medical Practice.

We thank you for your continued support.

Snotty Kids

You may have seen in the news that we are seeing an abnormally high number of children with viral infections this winter.

In normal pre-COVID times children would encounter many different infections during their first couple of years and would generally have a run of snotty noses and temperatures for the first winter or two.  Because of the social distancing measures put in place to control COVID this has not happened and so the children who would normally have had these infections have a bit of catching up to do.

To find out more please download our Information Letter.

You can also download this excellent guide called ‘When Should I Worry’ which has clear advice about what is reasonable to manage at home and what needs further medical attention.

New Page! - Menopause Information and Resources

The menopause will affect all women, but many don't fully understand what happens, how it affects them and how it can be managed. To address this, we have created a new Menopause Information page which you can visit here.

The new page, and its associated resources have been developed by Dr Gowan to help raise awareness, share valuable information and promote therapies such as Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT), which can help our patients to cope with this phase of life.

111 NHS Service

This November, NHS England and NHS Improvement has launched the next phase of the latest ‘Help Us, Help You’ campaign which focuses on NHS 111 online.

If you have an urgent but not life threatening medical need, make sure you visit NHS 111 online first rather than going straight to A&E.

NHS 111 online will help you right away and, if needed, a healthcare professional will call you. NHS 111 online can direct you to an urgent treatment centre/walk in centre, emergency dental services, GP, pharmacy or another more appropriate local service.

If you or your loved one have a life-threatening illness or injury then you should always dial 999.

Get help from NHS 111

NHS 111 is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

  • Go to 111.nhs.uk (for people aged 5 and over only)
  • call 111

If you’re Deaf and want to use the phone service, you can use the NHS 111 British Sign Language service available in your country:

You can also call 18001 111 on a textphone.

Telephoning the Practice

  • Phone lines are open between 08:00 - 18:30.
  • Please note that between 12:30 - 13:30 and 17:45 - 18:30, Selsey Medical Practice is open for emergencies only. If you telephone during this time, requiring assistance which cannot wait, please hold, otherwise please call back at another time.
  • The busiest time to call is early in the morning or early afternoon.
  • If you have a life-threatening emergency, please call 999.
  • Please do not come to the surgery if anyone in your household has any covid symptoms or are self-isolating.

Opening Times

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Patient Information

Are you a Carer?

Are you a carer? Are you being cared for? Have you notified your GP? Do you know what services are available to support you? Please contact us to notify us if you are a carer or being cared for and we will update your records. The practice maintains a register of carers and people being cared for, if you feel you should be on this register please let us know. We are not able to offer any specific help ourselves, but it is helpful for us to know that you have this additional responsibility to cope with and we are able to signpost you to organisations who can help. Also as a carer you may be entitled to additional health services such as vaccinations, so it is important that we have you registered as a carer on our clinical system so that you don’t miss any invitations. If you have any questions or not sure if you should be listed as a carer, please contact the practice via our email address cwsccg.selsey-selsey@nhs.net or you can call us on 01243 608201 and we will be happy to advise.

Sign up for Electronic Prescribing Service

Instead of you having to collect a paper prescription and take it to the pharmacy, we can send your prescription electronically to any pharmacy you choose. All you need to do is pick up your medication when it is ready.

You can save time and money for your NHS

If you haven't already signed up for this free service you can do so by contacting the surgery either by phone 01243 608201 or email cwsccg.selsey-selsey@nhs.net